Bambus Group reaches cooperation agreement with KURDA football school

Aiming to support young football enthusiasts, Bambus Group has signed an agreement with “KURDA” football school, led by strategist and former footballer Mehmet Kurda.

This cooperation agreement includes the financial support that Bambus Group will provide to this school, as well as marketing support through our marketing agency, Taktika. The purpose of this agreement is to provide young football talents who take the first steps of their career in this school with the appropriate conditions and motivation for training and advancing towards their goals.

Since its founding in 2005, “KURDA” football school has been hosting hundreds of youngsters aiming for national and world football leagues. Currently, this school is frequented by all areas of Kosovo. This school has brought great talents of football, such as Milot Rashica, who is now the main player of the team of Werder Bremen as well as the Kosovo national team. Besides Rashica, this school has also brought out other successful players who now play for the Kosovo Super League and First League. These successes have given this school the trust of many young people.

The results that Kosovar footballers have shown in the international arena, which have helped shape Kosovo’s image, motivate us to support young talent in the field. We hope that with this support we will help this school increase opportunities for students who attend this school to receive professional training and increase the chances of a successful future both in Kosovo and internationally. Bambus Group will continuously support initiatives aimed at professional training of young people in our country, aiming at encouraging other private companies as well to contribute to the important areas of our society.

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