ISO 9001 and 27001 audit

We are happy to share the good news that Bambus Group sailed through this year’s audit of both ISO 9001 in Quality Management and ISO 27001 in Information Security Management from TUV NORD.
Even during unusual times, having shifted our whole work process remotely for 2 months as a preventive measure towards COVID-19 pandemic, we take pride in keeping our work quality just intact. This enabled us to successfully fulfil all the set requirements that ensures the provision of high-quality market research services in compliance with global quality standards.
Through a remote audit, auditors took a close look at the work system that underpins our results, including requirements for work process management and information security system appliance. They concluded we have been successfully complying to the set standards.
The confirmation of the consistency and transparency of our work processes, puts Bambus Group in line with users worldwide who contribute to a global quality and security compatibility and continual improvement. We will continue to put our best efforts towards improving the quality management as to ensure compliant services and aim at providing the highest level of data confidentiality, integrity and availability and to keep our services and customers safe. We proudly take this positive assessment as proof of our continuous efforts to meet global quality and information security standards, which in turn enables us to have the trust of our partners.

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