Bambus Research's workplaces in our so-called 'bamboo houses' are designed to be harmonious and lively in order to offer employees a calm and pleasant environment. Creativity cannot be forced, so if a break or a search for inspiration is needed, employees can enjoy a quick game of pool, for example, to refresh their mind and relax.


We ensure the utmost transparency in the implementation of the projects through complete disclosure of all collected data, and used methods and procedures.

Keeping the standards high

We follow leading security practices for ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the collected data and information. We are certified by TUV Nord with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013; along with DEKRA certification for the 20252:2019 standard.

Multilingual staff

We provide services in 36 languages through our multilingual staff. Thus enabling a global reach, the conduct of international studies and partnerships with international clients and their aimed market.


We are very proud of the services we offer. Read the reviews of our satisfied customers!

Where do we operate?

Bambus Research is a full-service global market research company based with its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and with 11 on-the-ground offices including Kosovo and Albania. We are uniquely positioned to offer clients recommendations into the global marketplace and in-depth insights with our industry experience since 2014.

Always available for you!

Bambus Research offers uninterrupted service for all time zones. Customers abroad can always rely on the availability of our teams. Employees can fully maximize their potential by freely planning their work shifts and thus adapting them to their lifestyle for an optimal life-work balance.