We ensure to provide our customers with the best solution. Our employees speak more than 36 languages for quantitative research purposes and serve all industries with precise knowledge from various methods such as CATI, CAWI, CAPI, etc. With modern software that enables us to monitor agents and a proportional number of supervisors, we ensure that the research process is closely followed and delivers high-quality knowledge.




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With more than 700 multilingual interviewers who are part of our team, we deliver accurate and precise results through fast and low cost data collection.

Our team consists of qualified interviewers and supervisors who are trained to properly approach each target industry.

Data can be collected online as well as offline using a detailed telephone interview, PAPI, etc.

Sample design: finding the best solution We shore you up in weighing what is achievable and desirable to develop the ideal sample design for the particular universe.
Sample design: Representation, not representativeness Therefore, clear target group definition and intelligent recruitment are key for us: It’s all about establishing a dialogue with target people typical of their group.