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We ensure the utmost transparency in the implementation of the projects through complete disclosure of all collected data, and used methods and procedures.

Keeping the standards high

We follow leading security practices for ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the collected data and information. We are certified by TUV Nord with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013; along with DEKRA certification for the 20252:2019 standard.

Multilingual staff

We provide services in 36 languages through our multilingual staff. Thus enabling a global reach, the conduct of international studies and partnerships with international clients and their aimed market.

Every business area is covered!

We provide both local and global services. No matter where your company is located, we will get in touch with your customers anytime, anywhere.

In step with new technologies

We adopt the latest technology and the most innovative methods for market research in order to deliver informative and accurate results as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Continuous Training

We invest on improving the skills of our employees through closely monitoring their work, coaching and training them on continuous basis accordingly.
By drafting individual progress reports, employees' performance is always precisely recorded and documented.

What do we do?

Ask - Analyze – Act
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    We use all market research methods to inquire and collect from any source.

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    We create dynamic reports both offline and online, such as custom dashboards

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    By combining feedback and external data, we deliver immediate actionable insights.

We put our utmost dedication in our services!

Bambus Research provides professional services for a variety of markets and activities to both national and international clients. Prioritizing the provision of excellent and tangible results for our clients, we offer the best possible solution and methods to conduct their research.

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