Guaranteed Quality

Our focus is on quality assurance!

Certified working methods of Bambus Research guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data and information collected.

Our services have been awarded by TUV NORD according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 “Information Security Management Systems” and EN ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management”. This assures our customers that our quality and safety management program is regularly updated in accordance with international regulations such as GDPR and ISO standards. In addition, we are certified by DEKRA with DIN ISO 20252:2019 “Standards of Quality Assurance in Social and Market Research.”

A certification

5 Steps Interviewer Training

In order to be able to gather conclusive data, come up with worthwhile results, and draw meaningful conclusions, it is important to prepare our interviewers professionally. By implementing standard ISO DIN 9001, every process within Bambus International is carefully defined and controlled by the Human Resource Department.

Recruitment Proces

Every interviewer undergoes an aptitude test focusing primarily on language and communication skills.

Recruitment Process​

Every interviewer undergoes an aptitude test focusing primarily on language and communication skills.

Explaining the Market​

After interviewers pass the recruitment process successfully, they are briefed on the principles and main values in the area of marketing research.


We offer workshops in the areas of communication techniques and personal development, as well as mandatory training courses on data security, data protection and security.

Recognize strengths

Interviewers bring along individual specific skills and diverse backgrounds, on which basis they are categorized into different project categories.

Continuous training

Employees are continuously coached for each individual project in order to maintain the high quality of work we promise to our clients.


Team leaders support and accompany our interviewers and ensure theefficient implementation of the projects. Quality and performance play a key role in achieving the desired results.

Our supervisor team has the necessary technical prerequisites to accompany our interviewers at work on the phone or in the field, and thus help them improve their communication and interview quality. This continuous monitoring enables us to create individual reports for our employees and thereby provide them with feedback.