About us

Our companies are setup in an eco-friendly environment, where all our different expertise is categorized in our so called Bambus houses. All our companies are connected to our Bambus managers, who are responsible to create bridges in order to make our Software & Services 100% compatible with each other.

Bambus has 300 full-time multilingual interviewers and 400 freelancers covering the most common 20 languages.


We have multilingual supervisors in our team who are responsible for coaching and monitoring and overseeing the projects.

Management Team

Our 30+ professional account and project managers are experts in guiding you through your global studies.


We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

Jon Presutti

CEO , market-I

My evaluation of Bambus is based on my 26 years in field of international market research, where I have worked with local partners in more than 75 countries. I can honestly say that Bambus easily falls within the top 101%of all the local partners with whom I have worked. I look forward on partnering with Bambus in the future!

Fritz Alexander

Managing Director Kantar-Austria

We are pleased to confirm that this company works in a highly reliable and dedicated manner to provide high-quality services in the field of CATI (computer-assisted telephone interview) implementation for market research purposes.

Carsten Broich

Managing Director of Sample Solution

Mit der Bambus Group zu arbeiten bedeutet für uns, einen zentralen Ansprechpartner für mehrere Länder zu haben.

Darüber hinaus waren wir von dem schnellen Wachstum, dass die Bambus Group in der Vergangenheit gezeigt hat, beeindruckt.

Where do we operate?

We are active locally in Pristina, Peja, Drenas, Ferizaj, Vushtri, Lipjan, Gjakova and Mitrovica . Besides Kosovo, we also have regional coverage through leading a company branch in Tirana, Albania. Further, we also are present in the global market through partner companies, our services cross continents, thus with Bambus Group being also present in markets of Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and South America.

Who are we?

Bambus Market Research is part of Bambus Group. We provide professional solutions for various market research activities to domestic and international clients in over 6 industries. Besides using various information gathering techniques, we also design study methodologies by creating survey instruments and sampling frames, conducting fieldwork, analyzing data and generating statistics and reports.

Availability at its best!

Bambus Group provides ongoing services no matter the time difference between different parts of the world. Clients overseas can count on its team availability anytime, as promised. This working style is underpinned by understanding that one size does not fit all. Inside Bambus Group, this enables suitable opportunities for employees so they can fully accomplish their potential. No one has to compromise their lifestyle for a job place; this pressure is eased up by enabling employees to choose when they want to start their shift.